Portraits of Wildflowers

Here are two flowers of Anemone berlandieri with a mixture of the colors you’ve seen separately in posts showing a white anemone and a purple anemone. Unlike those two flowers, which had already opened fully or almost fully and which I viewed from above, these were still only beginning to open, and I put my head near the ground to look at them from below. Note the yellow tinge in the areas where each stem adjoins its sepals. There are also fine hairs on the stems and sepals, though it may be hard for you to see them in an image of this size. And speaking of difficulty, that’s what I often encounter in trying to keep two objects in focus at the same time when they’re at slightly different distances from the camera’s lens—and in this case when there was limited light and the wind was blowing intermittently…

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Portraits from the Tulsa Zoo

Set Life In Motion

It is rare but so insanely amazing when I stumble upon photos that I took a while back and somehow forgot to upload. A few weeks ago, when prepping for my trip to WA, I found over 300 shots that I took at the Tulsa zoo last summer that have been patiently waiting. Today I finally got around to editing them and came up with 20 keepers. Now, I am not a huge fan of zoos, but it is impossible not to marvel at Gods artwork. Take a look…

© Andrew Fenton Photography, 2012.

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Yellow Meets Blue

A 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Visayas!

   We have experienced a 6.9 magnitude earthquake yesterday. It happened during lunch time around 12 o’clock to 12:10 pm.It surprised  everyone. Some parts of Visayas such as Cebu, Iloilo and Dumaguete is highly damaged.

Classes and offices are suspended yesterday.Some places in Visayas are threatened for a tsunami. PHILVOCS raised a tsunami alert level 2. They also added that they have discovered a local fault line near the northern part of Dumaguete.

Roads,windows and other buildings got damaged. It was also reported that more or less 15 persons died and more or less 40 persons are missing. Governments are making ways as of now to assure the safety of people.




Carissa Snedeker Photography

I’m sorry I’m so late posting this. I had class tonight and I’ve spent the evening working on my first assignment.  And no, I’m still not satisfied, but my battery just about ran out of juice, so I had to stop.  As is typical on a work and school day, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to shoot, so I returned to the same park where I shot the bridge on Day 18. While I did take a few pictures of the bridge, what really caught my eye was how the late afternoon sun was playing on the sparse vegetation. I even found a little color in our drab northern Nevada winter.

Now, off to bed.

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Louis' Page

Only the decaying roots remain of a once proud tree.  Even so, they provide a fascinating natural habitat.  The question is ‘Who might live in a house like this?’

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Icy Art

See, feel and appreciate!

              There are lots of things that needs to be appreciated and one of them is the nature, which God created for us to take care of.

              Often times we give importance to our work, school stuffs and our personal business. Sometimes we forgot to see, feel and appreciate the presence of nature.Maybe sometimes we can relax and feel the presence of nature which is so refreshing to our minds.

              Seeing and exploring the wealth the Lord has given us gives us the chance to feel a peaceful atmosphere and appreciate how wealthy we are.There are beautiful places we can visit with our families,beautiful places that are untold, that are undiscovered.

              We can never see, feel and appreciate if we never learn the importance of our nature. Learn to know the things which are to be seen in the future.Image

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